Energetic Alignment Treatment Program

The purpose of the Energetic Alignment Treatment Program is to support, heal and strengthen your entire being. Each person is unique so this process will also be unique to you, your circumstances and personality.


One of the wide ranging benefits of this healing treatment is that it will help you to move forward in life and overcome obstacles in areas that you may have felt unable to change. The Energetic Alignment allows you to let go of old patterns in a safe yet powerful way, thereby allowing you to access a more peaceful and empowered part of your being. 

Treatment Details:

The Energetic Alignment is essentially one treatment divided into 12 sessions. The reason for this is that you will have time to integrate the changes and allow the transformation to take place during that time. You’ll receive a one hour treatment in 1-2 week intervals to offer best healing results. Each one hour treatment is a combination of energy healing and a light massage. 

Kirsten will support and guide you throughout the process so you know what to expect and feel confident about where you are at on your journey.

You are welcome to receive a ‘one off’ treatment to see how you connect to this method of healing. Kirsten will give you detailed information about the treatment and discuss how the Energetic Alignment could benefit you and your circumstances.

If you are in financial difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact Kirsten directly to discuss payment options.

Cost: $100 per one hour session



“Doing the Energetic Alignment process with Kirsten was an amazingly transformative experience for me. It is difficult to fully express the impact it had, but just some of the positive outcomes were overcoming grief, the stabilisation of my emotions after a very testing year, feeling healed and renewed, and ultimately being energised, strengthened and back on track with my life.”

“The Energetic Alignment is one of the most transformative and valuable healing modalities I have experienced. If you are looking for positive change or are at a crossroads in your life this subtle but powerful method should give you the clarity you seek. Kirsten’s gentle and personal approach creates positive confidence in the process. A truly life changing and affirming experience.”

“It’s difficult to explain the experience of energetic alignment treatment. All I know is that it’s made a huge difference to me. Kirsten is amazing. She provided a safe, caring atmosphere and has a warm spirit. Thank you!”