Mindfulness and Ageing

Mindfulness supports healthy brain ageing and can be used to treat and prevent many of the cognitive declines associated with ageing.

You might notice that as you get older your attention and memory begin to slow down a little. Maybe you feel that you are not quite as sharp as you once were. These are signs of normal age-related cognitive slowing. However, these changes are not inevitable. With mindfulness, these changes can be prevented and even reversed in those who are currently experiencing them.

Ben has been researching how mindfulness can change the brain in older adults to improve attention and memory since 2015. Until recently Ben was the Program Co-ordinator of the Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he studied how lifestyle programs using mindfulness could improve attention in older adults and reduce dementia risk.

His research has shown how mindfulness can change the neural networks in the brain to improve cognition as we age. Ben has also completed a PhD in the neuroscience of mindfulness and ageing using specialised EEG (electroencephalographic) techniques to show that just 8 weeks of mindfulness can boost our attention and change our brain.

Throughout his career, Ben has taught hundreds of older adults how to practice mindfulness in both group settings and one-on-one sessions. Ben is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher with all the skills to help you learn mindfulness. His expertise in teaching older adults as well as leading a large dementia prevention research team means that he is uniquely placed to guide you on your journey, wherever you are in life.

To learn more, or to book a session, please contact Ben on 0421 473 207, or ben@pramanawellbeing.com


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