Energy Healing Treatment

The energy healing treatment Kirsten offers is intuitively tailored to the person who is receiving a treatment. Kirsten uses a range of different energy healing techniques and essential oils to provide deep healing and transformation.

Energy healing treatments balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. It encourages the body’s natural healing abilities and moves toward achieving overall well-being and harmony.

Emotional stability and feeling more aligned with the spiritual part of oneself is a common benefit of this treatment. It provides a space for self-healing, overcoming emotional challenges and allowing one to move forward more freely.

Kirsten offers a short intuitive reading to provide additional guidance and healing.

Cost: $100 per one hour session


“I feel blessed to have come across someone who can channel so much life force energy in a session as Kirsten Isbel @ Pramana Wellbeing. Truly Divine, Gifted & Humble. I highly recommend a treatment for whatever is challenging you.”

“Absolutely amazing, it is helping me become more in touch with myself. I am also feeling a huge change within myself. Medicine for the soul. Thank you Kirsten, you are a wonderful healer.”

“Wonderful/Beautiful/Relaxing. More than I expected. Definitely helpful. Can’t wait for the next one.”

“I have received a healing treatment from Kirsten and found it to be a deep and wonderful experience. As I became more aware of my body through yoga I knew my weaknesses and could feel the energy healing these areas. I felt warmed and protected by Kirsten’s hands and relaxed very quickly. Thank you.”